Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us! It is time to educate and celebrate!

The United States reserved September 15th through October 15th as Hispanic Heritage Month. This observation began back in 1968 and is celebrated around the world. Chicago’s Own WGN has dedicated five special stories to this historical tribute. The stories will air on the following stories on the following dates (during the 9pm broadcast):

9/29/16 -“The Puerto Rican Flag”


10/06/16-“Illinois Connection to Cuba”

10/12/16-“Latin Film Studio”

10/15/16-“National Museum of Mexican Art”

This is truly excellent. I am happy to see our local stations show concern for others (and the history that accompanies their culture). Many say that if “we” do not know where we came from… how can “we” possibly know where we are going. I honestly believe that all people, colors, nationalities, etc. are special in our own unique ways. This celebration is a breath of fresh air, especially with there being so much negativity and sadness occurring in our world. So, salute to those who are celebrating for this month, to those who support those who will be celebrating and salute to those who care.

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