NJ Train crashes into a terminal resulting in one death and over 100 injuries…

A New Jersey commuter train has unfortunately killed one person and injured over 100 more people. The train was traveling at a high rate and sped through all of the barriers. The only thing that forced the train to stop was the building it hit. They are hoping the number does not increase as they continue to clean up the scene.

This is another tragic incident that has occurred. I am simply hoping that all of the people who are injured are okay and I am praying for the family of the person who is deceased. Again, this is another reason that we must continue to love on one another. Tomorrow is not promised so we must live for today.

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Serena Williams speaks out about race-related police issues…

Serena Williams put up a post on Facebook Tuesday, September 27, 2016 about her experience while riding in the car with her cousin. Her cousin is an 18 year old, young, black male. They were riding in the car and she was in the back seat, she noticed a police car in the distance and instantly peered at the speedometer. Ms. Williams began slightly afraid and also started to think about another case that has affected the Black Community. Serena wishes that she would have decided to drive that day instead, as she reluctantly thought about what could have happened to her cousin. Ms. Serena Williams has taken what is going on personally and decided that she will not be silent. As she ended her post, she quoted the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King… “There cone a time when silence is betrayal”

I understand exactly where Serena is coming from and I am very proud of her. I am not only a huge fan of hers, but I agree with her stance. What is happening with these police videos and shootings is beyond out of control and I believe the celebrities, famous athletes, entertainment leaders, etc. can a will have a positive affect on what is occurring if they join forces as well.

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I love music… Usher’s new CD: Hard II Love

Usher Raymond released his eighth album on September 14, 2016. The album is titled Hard II Love. Usher once again is expressing his authenticity through his music. He has fifteen songs which express his heart and soul felt desires from an emotional and certainly a physical standpoint… as he’s done in the past. He samples a very nice array of previous songs throughout his entire cd. Mr. Raymond has songs with Future and Young Thug on Hard II Love, the variety and range is sure to keep you pleased on many levels.

Usher has yet to disappoint me. He truly makes me fall in love with him each time he drops an album. I adore his ability to put his rawness of his feelings and thoughts into a song. Mr. Raymond is very talented and also humble when he needs to be, which adds sincerity to his music and his brand. He still sounds amazing. His voice is so soothing and satisfying, I will certainly be going to see him in concert when he returns to Chi-town. I love his love songs… probably because I such a loving soul. I am one of those who believe in fairy tale endings… So, I love Bump, Rivals, Make U a Believer, Need U, Crash and Missin U. He also has some very sexy and catchy beats with Let Me.  Hard II Love and Stronger sound  like they might be pages straight from his journal… I love these. All in all, I love Usher and his cd. He gets 5 stars from me, I am eagerly anticipating his videos! 

The Universal Soul Circus is Baaaaaack!

The event that takes over Washington Park (East 51st & S. Cottage Grove; 60615) each fall is baaaaack! Next week the Universal Soul Circus is returning to our city. The box office will be opened on 9/27/16 from 11am-8pm in Chicago, IL. Shows begin Wednesday, September 28, 2016 and will run through Sunday, October 30, 2016. The show bring acts from all over the world to one place and has sponsors from the Chicago Park District, V103, Inspiration 1390, 107.5 WGCI, The Black McDonald’s Operations Association and more. Over 10, 000 shows have occurred for a total of 23 years; and over 23 million people have had experienced this show… will you be next?

I am elated that it is time to see this show again! I used to take my students when I taught and I took my son a couple times as well. I missed last year’s so I am very eager about this season’s show. I love the variety, the culture, the crowd participation and more! This is a show you do not want to miss. See you there!

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Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us! It is time to educate and celebrate!

The United States reserved September 15th through October 15th as Hispanic Heritage Month. This observation began back in 1968 and is celebrated around the world. Chicago’s Own WGN has dedicated five special stories to this historical tribute. The stories will air on the following stories on the following dates (during the 9pm broadcast):

9/29/16 -“The Puerto Rican Flag”


10/06/16-“Illinois Connection to Cuba”

10/12/16-“Latin Film Studio”

10/15/16-“National Museum of Mexican Art”

This is truly excellent. I am happy to see our local stations show concern for others (and the history that accompanies their culture). Many say that if “we” do not know where we came from… how can “we” possibly know where we are going. I honestly believe that all people, colors, nationalities, etc. are special in our own unique ways. This celebration is a breath of fresh air, especially with there being so much negativity and sadness occurring in our world. So, salute to those who are celebrating for this month, to those who support those who will be celebrating and salute to those who care.

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