Serena Williams speaks out about race-related police issues…

Serena Williams put up a post on Facebook Tuesday, September 27, 2016 about her experience while riding in the car with her cousin. Her cousin is an 18 year old, young, black male. They were riding in the car and she was in the back seat, she noticed a police car in the distance and instantly peered at the speedometer. Ms. Williams began slightly afraid and also started to think about another case that has affected the Black Community. Serena wishes that she would have decided to drive that day instead, as she reluctantly thought about what could have happened to her cousin. Ms. Serena Williams has taken what is going on personally and decided that she will not be silent. As she ended her post, she quoted the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King… “There cone a time when silence is betrayal”

I understand exactly where Serena is coming from and I am very proud of her. I am not only a huge fan of hers, but I agree with her stance. What is happening with these police videos and shootings is beyond out of control and I believe the celebrities, famous athletes, entertainment leaders, etc. can a will have a positive affect on what is occurring if they join forces as well.

For more information please view the information below…



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